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Wait as a sheep


You don't switch bodies with the baby cow and just decide to wait for the farmer to turn around and face you. He's still trying to get the cow up from her side. A few seconds later you notice the baby cow turn around to no longer face you, switching bodies with it is no longer an option. You can do nothing but wait for a while. The farmer still won't turn around, you start to get worried you won't get a chance to switch with him. You look around for backup plans but all of the animals are either asleep or not facing you; You can do nothing but pray you'll get a chance as a sheep. The farmer continues to push the cow up, he soon starts to lift her. As the farmer begins to lift the cow, you notice another cow, two pens over from the pen the farmer is in, begins to turn towards you. The cow may, or may not, be able to reach the farmer's eyes right now. You know this will be the only chance you will have for the rest of this to switch with any other animals.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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