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Wave BYE-BYE To the Old Hag

You and Jessie, now as kitsunes, roam the halls of the castle to find a way out. All of a sudden, a tiny star floats in mid-air in front of you two. The Geno doll absorbs it, and it grows until it is the size that Geno originally was. Believe it or not, Geno's fist flies off his arm, blasting a hole to outside. Jessie opens her mouth (muzzle?) in surprise, then drags you outside into the LIGHT!!!!!!!! Geno follows you calmly. A lot later, the two of you are in America, but the strange thing is, the attention isn't attracted to YOU. It's focused on Geno. He's treated like everybody knows him. After a brief explanation, Geno tells you he found a way out of the Super NES game "Super Mario RPG:Legend of the Seven Stars". Oh, sure, many people believe that it's really you and Jessie in some fox-creature's body, but you start to wonder, "When will Geno stop getting attention?" Your prayer is answered when the tiny star flies out of his body and he becomes a doll again.

So, do you marry your kitsune friend, or what?

Written by Andy (edited by wanderer)

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