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Human today, kitsune tomorrow!

Jessie suddenly bites you on the arm. You say,"HEY! What was that..." but that's as far as you get. Golden-brown fur sprouts from your body. Your normal ears literally pop and are replaced with pointy fox ears on the top of your head. Your bottom half of your face (mouth and nose) transforms into a muzzle. Then your eyes turn brown and slant like a Japanese's eyes instead of their usual normally-shaped blue ones. Finally, you sprout three tails, each with a black tip, on your behind. "I did that in honor of that Geno-guy. Besides, the kitsune transformation is permanent, and I thought you might want to be with me as a kitsune." You turn around to thank Geno, but in his place is a doll that looks just like him. You pick it up, thinking it will come in handy later.

So, what do you do now?

Written by Andy (edited by wanderer)

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