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One and a half days until New Years

Suddenly Lexica is gone, and you are alone in the cow pen. You start to feel hungry, and a few seconds later you feel even more hungry, until you feel as if you have 3 empty stomaches! You look down at the ground to see nothing but grass. You are hungry but you can't bear the thought of eating grass. You see bugs on it, it grosses you out. You look up at the fence, the sheep on the other side is eating the grass.  You feel disgusted just watching it. You walk over closer to the fence, carefully.

You now see that this farm has a lot of animals. You see the sheep across from you also has two other sheep in it's pen. The three sheep have lots of wool, you can't tell whether they are male or female.

Next to the three sheep is a large pig pen. The pig pen is about three times the size of the cow pen and the sheep pen. There are about 10 pigs in the pen, there's also some mud. You see about 4 baby pigs by one adult pig, who you can only assume is their mother.

Where you are being held hostage, the cow pen, is only about 5 feet long, it's a square. You look over to see there is another cow pen next to you, with another bovine in it. In fact there are 10 cow pens, with 8 of them full (Including you) Most of the other cows are eating grass, you still feel disgusted by the thought

At the end of the cow pens there is a red barn. The barn door is open, you see chickens inside. You can only see one side of the barn, there's cages with chickens stacked on top of each other. Some of the cages have eggs in them, with the hens guarding them. You assume the other side of the barn is the same.

In the distance you can see a horse stable, but it's too far for you to see anything in particular (Either that or your cow eyes can't see that far.) By the stables is a big open field area.

You notice how of all the animal pens, your's is the smallest, probably because there's another 9 just like your's. You start to feel hungry again, you look down at the grass, it still looks just as disgusting as it did when you were a human. There's nothing else in your pen that you could eat, so you know that you eventually need to eat the grass. You feel hungrier by the second, you start to lower your head towards the grass. Nervously, you open your mouth and take a small bite of the grass. Inside your head you think, "Maybe because I'm a cow now, it'll not taste as bad." Until you remember what that man told you about the curse, that it won't affect your human mind. You taste the grass, and you were right. It tastes exactly as gross as it would taste if you ate it as a human. You feel the dirt and bugs on your tongue but you force yourself to swallow it. The worst part is, after you eat it, you don't feel any different, you know you have to eat A LOT more. You kneel down and take another bite of the grass, it still tastes gross.

After a few bites you start to feel tingly. Not in your stomaches, but in your udder. You feel it, as if it's getting heavier. You don't appreciate the feeling at all. The grass right below you is now gone, when you move to the side you feel your udder jiggle again. Now that it's heavier the jigglying is worse. But you keep eating the grass, after about ten more bites you can't take it anymore. The grass is too disgusting to eat more, even though you aren't full, you stop eating. Your udder is now very full of milk. Whenever you move it it jiggles; You hate it so much. You want nothing more than to just not be a cow anymore. This experience has been the worst part of your life, and it's only been a few hours, so far.

You tell yourself inside your mind "It's just one more day, and then I'll be out of this nightmare." Out of human instinct, you try to mumble it under your voice. Of course it comes out as a "Mooooo." Which only makes you feel worse. That guy was right when he said you would hate this transformation, you are so glad it will be over tomorrow night. Just as you were starting to relax, the farmer walks out from the barn holding buckets.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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