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3 days start

A couple of minutes later you hear a door open, you can't quite tell where the sound is coming from, since you aren't used to your new ears. Lvaria is gone. You hear another female voice say "Good morning!" And a few seconds later you see a woman walk into your vision from the door. She's has black hair and white skin. She's wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. You know she must be the person Lvaria was talking about, Marilyn. Marilyn is about two feet taller than you, although about everything is since you became a horse. Marilyn looks at you and says "I hope you got good sleep, there's only 3 days left until the race, and we need to make sure you're up for it." You don't know how to reply, mostly because you can't talk. Something crosses your mind, if you need to win that race to get your human body back, and she has been training you for this for what seems like years, but you don't even know how to walk in this body! You remember a few minutes ago you tried to walk but you just stumbled, how were you going to beat real horses in a race in 3 days?

Marilyn opens your stable door, and nudges you to walk out. You try walking again, before you had made this wish, you thought walking as a horse would just be like crawling as a human, but it's different. You can't bend your legs, and despite what you thought, the ability to stand up played a role in crawling. You walk, one hoof at a time. Marilyn is looking at you with confusion, and you start to feel anxious. You try walking faster, but you just stumble again. You feel Marilyn put her hand on your giant muzzle, as she says "What's up with you today? Yesterday you were the fastest horse in town, remember?" You start feeling more anxious, but every time you try to gallop you just stumble. Marilyn says "Maybe you're just hungry." And you see her walk off somewhere behind you. In front of you, there's an open door to the outside, you want to escape, but of course you can't walk that fast. You keep walking as fast as you stabilly can, which isn't that fast. You hear Marilyn's footsteps get closer to you again, and soon you see her again holding something. You're almost at the door when she says "You hungry?" and then she steps in front of you, she's holding a carrot. She slips the carrot in your mouth, which you didn't even know was open. You start chewing with your giant horse teeth, your teeth feel as if they are taking up your entire mouth. The carrot tastes different, not neccessarily bad, but definitely different.

After you finally swallow all the tiny bits of carrot, Marilyn says "There, now can you walk?" You start walking again, still at the same speed. You finally make it out of the stable when Marilyn says "What's wrong with you today? Why can't you walk? Maybe it'll be better when I'm riding you." You see her walk back into the stable, you know she is getting a saddle and reins. A few seconds later you hear her walking back towards you, and you can only wait, in horror, for her to put the equipment on you. First you feel the saddle on your back, it's very heavy, it feels as if you're wearing a backpack full of books, except you can't get it off. You feel Marilyn moving some straps connected to the saddle, that you can't tell where they are. Then Marilyn walks out in front of you, you see her holding the reins that she's about to put on you. You force yourself to close your eyes, as you feel her slip the piece on your nose, and on the back of your head. You feel pain when she tightens it, and it doesn't go away. You try to wiggle it off, but it's stuck on you. You open your eyes again to see the metal piece on your nose. Before you have a chance you get a good look, you feel her climbing on top of you. Out of instinct, you panic and try to shake her off, to no avail. Eventually she gets on your back. She is heavy, very very heavy, you feel like your legs are going to break under her weight. You know for sure you won't be able to walk with her on your back, if you can even stand. You shake again to try getting her off, eventually she responds and gets off your back, as she says "What's wrong with you? It's like you're a completely different horse! Come on White Streak!" You flinch when you hear that name, you'd do anything in this moment to be able to kill Lvaria, you feel useless.

You want to cry, but you can't. You turn around and look at Marilyn, and you are reminded of what Lvaria said. You only have to do this for 3 days, and then you just have to win this race. You lean over again to Marilyn, giving up on rebelling. She climbs back on your back, and thus begins what will probably be the worst 3 days of your life. (If it is just 3 days.)

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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