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I wish to be a horse

You look at her, and then say "I wish I was a horse." And you then see a flash, and she is gone. You open your eyes to see yourself in the middle of a field. You are still human, but you have a feeling that won't be for long. You start to feel sleepy, and involuntarily fall asleep. And when you awake, your wish has come true.

First thing you do is open your eyes, you immediately feel dizzy upon doing so. Your eyes feel strectched out, as if they aren't even connected. Probably because they are too far apart for your vision in both of them to connect. The next thing you notice is that you can hardly see. Blocking the bottom half of your sight, is a light brown thing you can only assume is your muzzle. The muzzle is much bigger than you imagined, no matter what you did, you couldn't get it out of your sight. You try to feel the fur on your muzzle, and the next thing you realize is that you have hooves. You look down, and you see that your arms are now replaced with legs, and your hands are replaced with hooves. They are black and hard at the end, like you'd expect. You can't feel through your feet anymore, all you feel is the hoof itself. Curious, you try to stand up, unsurprised, you can't. You feel a lot of weight on your back, or it may just be that your legs are thinner than PCB tubes, you suddenly get scared at the thought that the weight on your back is a saddle. You try your best to turn your head to look at your back, you see an average horse's back. You would sigh with relief if you could when you see that you don't have a saddle. You feel something hairy on your backside, and you don't need to look back to know that it's a tail. You don't know whether to be shocked or embarassed at the thought of having a tail.You feel strange when you finally think about, since you can't stand up, that means you'll need to walk of four legs whenever you're in this form. You try walking, it feels clunky and slow. It's hard to walk, you can't bend your back legs, so you have you move your entire leg to take a step. And since you don't have any feet anymore you feel that you're about to fall over with every step you take. You lift up your front-left hoof to see what it looks like, and you are horrified when you see why your balance feels off. You are wearing horseshoes.

You panic when you see the horseshoe on your foot, thinking everything over. If you have a horseshoe, that means a human put it there, which means a human has seen you, which means the human probably "owns" you, which means the human can do whatever they want with you, which means the human can ride on you! You are even more terrified at the thought of someone on your back, would that mean they would put a saddle on you? And reins? You feel worse about this choice of wish with every new discovery. You look down, you see a wooden floor. You look up, you see a wooden wall, you look left and right, there are wooden walls there too. You turn around to see the last wall, but it's not a wall, you're in a stable. You hear someone say "Do you like your new life?" You look up to see Lvaria standing there, the same woman who did this to you. You look at her and say "Make me human again!" But all that comes out of your mouth is a soft "Neigh." She smiles and says "This one will be fun. I thought you were going to think of an actually POSITIVE transformation, and I would have to twist it around to make it bad, but you made it bad on your own. Seriously why would you choose a horse? You could've been anything you thought of, and you chose an animal that's already a SLAVE to the human race?" You stare at her in rage, you try to lift up your hoof to attack her, but the stable door is blocking you from escaping. She begins pacing around the room, until she finally stops and says "But cursing you to be a horse forever is a little bit too easy, I want to make you actually feel what it's like to be a horse. So I have a proposition." You try talking again, to no avail.

Lvaria looks to you and says "The girl who owns this stable is named Marilyn, and you are one of her horses. You are her fastest horse, and she often rides you in races. Your new name is 'White Streak,' she named you that because of a white patch of fur on your side. And she is going to race you, this Sunday, in a race that is very important to her. But I am willing to make a proposition, and if you agree, I will give you your human body back." You look around the stable, all of a sudden, any idea that you had that turning into a horse was a good idea was abolished, you just wanted to be a human again at this point. Lvaria stares and says:

"Rule one, the race is 3 days from now, you need to win first place in that race.

Rule two, you must do anything Marilyn tells you to do, for the next 3 days.

Rule three, by the end of these 3 days, Marilyn must feel you are a good  horse, one who deserves to be her racing horse.

If you break any of these rules, you will be sentenced to FOREVER in the body of a horse. No escapes, no second chances, you will forever be an animal, if you fail."

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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