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Let's just see how snakelike you can be...

The scepter has you transfixed. You stare into the blue bauble, and the transformation begins.

You shudder, moan, and let out a piercing scream as an electrical current runs through your body. You gasp in horror as you find that you can't unstick your legs. In front of your eyes, they elongate to three times their normal length... like a human stretch toy.

But it's clear that you won't stay fully human for long. Your legs, which previously seemed stuck together, are now fusing together. Starting at your feet, the space that is between your legs starts closing over. You feel the distinctly odd sensation of fat and muscles - powerful muscles - building in the former gap between your legs. Your - well, your appendage - bulks out slightly and becomes less flat and more rounded. It builds this way up two meters and presses against your crotch in a particularly pleasing event. You moan - with pleasure - as the fat and muscle enter your genitals, simulatenously covering them up. In less than a minute your crotch is transformed into the same flesh as your former legs. Your body stretches its new muscles, which speeds up the transformation, causing you to moan again.

The fat and muscles which had been building up your - your tail? You are having trouble grasping that concept - seem to thin as they reach past your waist. The extra pounds that you have on your waist are pushed inwards towards your abdominals and round into mounds of muscle. Your stomach becomes ribbed with what feels like an extreme six-pack. This muscular definition stays on your front, and once again a wave of pleasure rolls over you as waves of muscles roll down the front of your body, over your crotch, and down to the tip of your tail. It creeps slightly up your torso, sliding between your breasts and petering out just below your neckline. Your breasts bulge out with the addition of fat taken from other, less desirable places. Meanwhile, the tip of your tail is quickly changing from pale flesh into dark green and silver scales, although the long, ribbed band of muscle that trails your front remains soft and flesh colored.

The back of your arms becomes dappled with the same grey-green color, but they remain flesh instead of scales. The same thing happens to your face. You wince in pain as your jaw rearranges itself - becoming detachable? you think fleetingly - and your teeth sharpen into slight, but not prominent, fangs. You feel your tongue lengthen, and as it darts in front of your face you notice it has become forked on the end. You scream when your vision is gone for a second, but quickly reappears with the slit pupils of a snake manifesting themselves in your human pale blue irisis.

Lastly, your hair becomes slightly sticky. It's still hair, only it seems more solid as it sticks together to form a hood.

Breathing heavily, you realize that the transformation has only taken a couple of minutes, although it seems much longer. You try to cry, but snakes must not have tear ducts, because nothing happens. You reach out towards the Countess and shreik in anger, but she only stands there looking at you with a twisted smile on her face.

Written by Finny Fiona (edited by wanderer)

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