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Lycan Fusion

The wolf's eyes brighten suddenly with a distinct blue glow. Before you can figure out what is happening, he charges at you - full speed! With a leap and a bound, he tackles you to the ground. You lie there helpless as he...

...stands there, wagging his tail? "Thank you!" he exclaims in a voice not unlike your own. "Now that I'm free and I don't have to worry about that whole burning thing, I can finally bond with someone and give him the gift I was meant to be... and you look like just the one..." he adds with an extra glint in his eye.

You try to push him away, but suddenly he looks to be sinking through you. Spasms of pain rush through your body and you black out.

You awaken in one of the castle's bedrooms, with Jennifer sitting near you. "Are... are you all right?" she asks, with an unfamiliar tone of concern.

"Yarrr... arrrg'll brrrrarrggh," you mumble, slowly sitting up. Your feet touch the floor, and the feeling of cold stone makes your tail twitch involuntarily - your TAIL?

You jump to your feet, looking around frantically...

Written by Luprand (edited by wanderer)

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