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As you look down, you realize your body has undergone weird changes. you're still wearing your clothes, but they seem tight against your skin and your shoes and socks are gone. you stare at your hands as they have grown gray hair all over and black pads on the palm and finger tips. the hair on your palm as well as the underside of your arm is white, and in place of each finger nail you now have a claw. you look down at your feet, and they have grown and elongated. you can still recognize your ankle and heel, however your toes and the balls of your feet seem to have transformed into a padded, clawed, paw. now your entire foot is covered in gray fur and resembles a wolf's hind paw. you see that Jennifer is staring at you, white faced, and looking as shocked as you. "I was hoping for some kind of explanation!" she says. you try to say you have no idea, but all that comes out is "yarlla blaarrgh". she stands up and walks behind her chair, looking scared. you look in an antique looking mirror on a stand by the door. you see that your head looks exactly like a wolf head, but perched atop your human-ish body. you feel your face and muzzle, and move down to your fur covered neck. you frantically pull of your black t-shirt, and see that your body still looks human, but covered with thick, soft fur, gray on your back, but white on your belly and chest, connecting to the white on your armpits and down your arms. "arrr" you whine. Jennifer suddenly pipes up "look i know your some kind of werewolf or whatever so just... give me some kind of sign you can understand me." you nod your head "ok so why are you a wolf in middle of the day? and its not even a full moon. and why did you pass out on the floor before you transformed? and how long...." as a typical reporter she starts to ask a million questions. you look back at your reflection in disbelief, and suddenly you hear "do ya like it!?" you look around but see no one. "are you even paying attention?" jenny asks. you hear the voice again "its me! I'm inside of you!" and you realize it is the strange talking wolf that you saved from the fire. "arrrou?" you whine and jenny start to get scared of you again because you are looking around frantically for the voice. "i gave you my gift! you can talk, but it might take some time to get used to the snout." you growl and think 'get out of my head right now!' jenny shrieks at your growl, unable to hear your inner dialogue, and assuming you are about to eat her. "you better change back before you give her a heart attack" you hear the wolf inside your head. 'i would if i knew how' you growl back "its easy, just focus on your own body, as you remember it, imagine the claws and teeth and fur and paws sucking deep inside you focus on pushing me back in your mind." you try and soon you find yourself normal, and jenny is whacking you with a baseball bat on the back. "owwwwww!" you scream! and she realizes you are back. "what just happened?" you both ask

Written by WolvenWarden

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