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Exploring new territory

Eventually you get around to confessing your new diet habits to Bathory, however she doesn't seem to react much to the news. "In all honesty, I don't really care what you decide to eat," she says, not even bothering to turn around from her monitors overlooking a number of differing locations around the castle and surrounding countryside. "As I said before, I only care about results, nothing says you have to eat every human that comes your way, there are plenty others who can pick up the slack there. As long as you keep putting a good scare into them, you can go full vegetarian for all I care." Of course your fine with that, it turns out to be much more fun to nip at the heels of trespassers and sending them running for the hills, herding them to locations for other monsters to get their fill. Bathory actually notes that your performance has greatly improved since your change over to a human free diet. This also results in a lot more free time for you to jus romp around the countryside and go exploring, and you're in much better shape to do so, covering so much distance now that you can race beyond the borders of the vampiress' network of cameras and still be back in time for your 'shift'. You begin mapping the areas beyond, looking for new and interesting things now that your living the good life.

One night you come across something strange...

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