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A change of pace... and diet.

The next few days, you take the vampiress' advice, shifting multiple times a day and romping around the countryside, working on you hunting techniques. Honestly, you begin to find that humans are much too easy prey for you, providing almost no challenge. It doesn't feel as natural as you'd have expected after a few nights in the forest. Your instincts seem to draw you in a different direction, your senses focusing in on that of deer and other animals in the forest. It's enough to confuse you, after all, your a monster, and monsters are supposed to hunt humans, right?

Curious, you look it up on the internet next chance you get. Sure enough, plenty of werewolf lore says that werewolves attack humans. Then you realize that werewolf lore isn't exactly written by werewolves. Your looking at this from the human perspective. It says werewolves can't cross running water, however you've stumbled through streams with no ill effect, and despite numerous patches of wolfsbane that grows outside the villages, it's never really bothered you despite wandering through them. Perhaps the truth of it is that humans don't have it right to begin with.

You look up wolves themselves, and try find something containing their natural behavior. Sure enough, it says that wolves generally avoid humans, and hunt other prey, only going after humans if food is extremely scares, and usually will go for livestock before people. You decide to follow up on this, and your next hunt has you following the scent of deer rather then the human scents. You find yourself delighted at the sudden thrill you get when you give chase to the animal, and much more satisfaction from the kill. Apparently you've had it wrong, humans aren't your natural prey after all.

This new pattern of hunting begins to show well, your excess weight soon lowers, and the lean meat you get from the deer proves much more suited to you. Even your pelt takes on a healthy thickness and luster you haven't seen before. Of course this leaves you with the question of where you stand with Bathory, after all, she does prey on humans, and now you don't...

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