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The west wing.

Eventually, you managed to extract yourself from the doorway. This took considerable effort from both you and Drake (mostly Drake, unfortunately, as none of your limbs were able to reach the floor in that position) and became quite desperate when you realized there were no windows in the room, and you were both running out of breathable air.

But, once out, you made your way to the entrance hall, with Drake laughing all the way at the fact that the door left a persistent ring around your midsection. He gleefully wondered aloud whether he could press any other shapes into you.

Now, you're finally out on the grounds, and following your memory, you turn left, heading for the west wing of the castle.

On the way, you find yourself in a contemplative mood. "Drake?" "Yeah?" "I'm...indebted to you. You've helped me so much since I came here. Since all of this happened to me." "Nonsense, any other dragon would have done the same." "All the same, thank you. But, where do we go from here?" "To the west wing, it seems." "No, I mean. If I'm really going to be this fat forever, I'm never going to be able to fly, or hunt for myself." "So? I'll take care of you." "But then what am I? Just your fat lazy house guest? Leeching food off of you?" "I'll never feel that way. It's nice having someone to come home to. But if you're feeling like a drain, maybe we can do some experimenting? I don't know for certain that it's impossible for you to change, I've just never heard of it happening myself." If you had to end up anywhere in all of this, you're glad it was here. "Thanks Drake, I'd like that." As the pair of you round the corner, you come across...

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