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Square one.

You lead Drake through the halls of his castle until you find the room you used to call yours. It's now quite a bit smaller than you remember. Drake slips inside easily, but you barely get your shoulders and wings through before your flab plugs the doorway. "Great, I'm stuck." Drake grabs your forelegs and attempts to pull you through. You slid in a few inches, enough that your back legs are pulled up off the ground; however, this only results in you being stuck even more tightly. "Stop, stop. I'm not gonna make it through the door." You sigh. You realize you've almost gotten used to this, now. Drake stares at you for a minute, then giggles and pokes the fat which has extruded from the door and surrounded your neck. "You look like an normal dragon stuck inside a big slime." "Gee, thanks." You groan, resting your head against your flabby chest. "I guess I don't need to be inside the room to retrace my steps." You run through the days events. "Alright, I got up early morning, and...put on sweats? Because I was going to go jogging, that's it!" Drake stares at you quizzically. "What are sweats? Or jogging?"

Written by flabbingup

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