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Papawolf is in the house

You're turning to leave when you become wedged tightly between the walls of the stall.

What the heck? I had more than enough space seconds ago...

Growling, you attempt to edge your way towards the door, but to no avail - you are well and truly stuck. Your fat belly has you squeezed against the opposite wall, which is creaking under the pressure - you get an idea. You take a deep breath and hold it, pushing out your already-humungous gut as far as it'll go. After a few seconds, the wall gives way, and you tumble backwards with a loud crash, demolishing another change room in the process.

You heave yourself to your feet with a bit of difficulty, then brush yourself off and heft up your straining pants. Catching a glimpse of yourself in one of the mirrors, you grin sheepishly - good thing nobody saw that. You pat your grumbling stomach, then lumber off towards the exit.

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