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Trying it out for size

You decide to try the outfit on - sure, it's huge, but you just want to try it.

You grin and throw the heavy garment onto your shoulder, then head towards a change room, grabbing the ribbon and glasses on the way. Once you reach one, you close the door behind you and strip to your underwear, before pulling on the pants. They fall down immediately, so you use the belt from your own pants to hold them up around your waist. You tie the ribbon around your left arm next, then grab the glasses and put them on.

Turning to the mirror, you burst out laughing - you look ridiculous! The pants are bundled in a pile around your feet, and the ribbon and glasses just look stupid - what were you thinking? You try pushing out your flat stomach, in an attempt to look like the wolf in the picture, but it doesn't help - it just makes you look even dumber. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you realise something's off about the costume - wasn't the ribbon supposed to be on the other arm? You quickly undo the ribbon and begin fastening it around your right arm. You're not sure why, exactly - isn't this just a dumb outfit? After a few seconds of fiddling, you tighten the knot just above your elbow.


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