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You're A...Fairy?

After finding out that Elisabeth had poured a potion down your throat with a glass test tube of some sort, you begin to feel a change. Something is brewing faster and faster in your stomach. You begin to feel uneasy as you think you're going to EXPLODE when...it suddenly disappears. "I guess it didn't work", you say to Bathory, but she just stares at you, smiling. "Dost thou take another look?". You turn around to the mirror and find nothing, when suddenly *POP*. Winds, resembling those of a butterly (How girly, right?) suddenly sprout out of your back out of nowhere. "Wings?!", you says as you look back at Countess Bathory. "Why did you give me wings? It's bad enough I'm small and in the wrong time!". Bathory replies "Come now, thither was to aid in my task I hath given ye". "What task?", you reply.

Written by an anonymous author

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