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As your yes begin to squint, you find that strangely, your mouth is open and there is actually something inside it. It feels cold and hard, but out of nowhere, some sort of liquid drowns you out of nowhere. You can't close your mouth after a huge amount of the liquid gushes down your throat. Realizing that you are in fact not drowning, and that the liquid is coming from what is actually a pipe leading into your mouth, you push it away and retread backwards, gasping for air. "What hath gotten into you? Dost thou not fain the drink before ye?", says a familiar voice. You turn with tears in your eyes and look face-to-face with Bathory and give a loud "Are you trying to kill me?!". She replies "You hath agreed to help me with my experiments, dost thou not have remembrance?". Remembering about her interest in sorcery, you ask "What did you do to me?". "Why, I fixed a potion, hath thou mark any changes with consumption?". "Was it a potion to help me return to normal?" You asked. "Nay, she said, twas to change ye for the betterment". "The betterment of what?" you wondered as you suddenly feel something brewing inside your stomach.

Written by an anonymous author

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