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"psst, lad. get up!!" whispered a tiny voice in your ear. you open your eyes to see the leprechaun on your towering belly and looking down at you. " there you go up and at it lad. you STILL didn't eat enough". you groan, give another long fart and poop and pee in your pants for a good long 10 minutes. the leprechaun wrinkle up his face in discust and looked at you pants. "ye've been doin' that in ye sleep for a day now." he looks back at you "I have one more thing for you to do ok?" you nod and struggle to get up. the leprechaun snaps his fingers and you sit up adomadicly. "ye see that there mountain?" he said as he pointed to a mountain outside your window biside you. you look and nod. " all ye have to do is go there and eat it! simple!" the little munchican said. with a snap of his fingers you were standing in front of the mountain. exept.......... it was the same cake you ate a day ago...... only BIGGER. MUCH BIGGER!!!!!! you yell in delight and dive in. well, you know what happens next. so. thirty years later you lay down and gave a fart so loud, it shook the earth and it lasted for 30 minutes. your pants and shirt had ripped and your stomach towered over mt. Everest!! your fart cloud covered the face of the earth. your stomach gurgled and your poo exploded out of your butt like 10,000 bombs exploding at once. this happened for a day or two. then, your pee shot out from yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr............ whatever, and it rained pee for a year. then you pooped and peed for................ 50 years. you get up......... wait...... you cant get up....... unless......... you look down and gasp in astonishment. you wernt fat any more, but thin and muscular. your dream was fulfilled. END END, END, END, END, END, END, END

Written by Silverfox

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