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just keep eating!

" ah, not enough lad," the lepercaun sighd. " just give me a wee sec..... aha! there!!!" the lepercaun snapped his fingers and with a poof, a mountain of a cake appeared. it was so big it crushed the table and cracked the floor. you look up wide eyed, toung lolling out of your mouth. there infront of you was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate ice cream. whipped cream covered all the layers of that cake. chocolate glazzed doughnuts showered on the cake, covering it like a blanket. chocolate syrup washed it over like a river. and to top it off, an all the candy you can eat buffay await inside the cake. this was a dream come true to you. " dig in, laddie. ye only got teen minuts. enjoy!" the lepercaun was away with a poof. "ten miniuts is all i need", you whisper to your self. the timmer gave a ring and you practicly dove into the suggary mountain. you were already sooooooo fat. you didnt care. it tasted sooooooooooo gooooooood!!!!! in less than nine seconds, the cake seemed to grow bigger. you dug through the cake with your mouth and bursed through the top. "WOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" you shout with glee and dove in the cake again. for days you keep eating, and your stomach tripples, no , quadruples in size every hour!! that dessert seemed endless. this went on for a whole two years or so, when finaly, you eat the last bite of cake. you give a loud belch and farted for about five minutes. you havent went to the bathroom in two years! you couldnt move, so you pooped and peed in your pants. your belly burried you and you went to sleep.

Written by Silverfox

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