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Where's animal control when you need them?

You slam your head forward, which stuns both the creature and yourself for a second. It's tongue jams further down your throat momentarily until you pull back and force the creature to roll off of you. Partially dazed and with a bleeding mouth, you stagger back up to your feet and start to run back to your donkey.

Instead of the donkey, you find McCowan's van. You're not sure what road she took to get here (you took a donkey after all), but that must mean there's some way to drive away. In a turn of luck, the door is unlocked. Diving inside, you close the door behind you and look around to see if you're being followed.

By the front door, you see the wolf creature staring at you. She looks pissed as she bares teeth, but she pulls back inside and vanishes.

Before you can sigh, you jump at a sound from the back of the van. Turning around you see...

Written by A Nonymous

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