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The Werewolf has a Crush on You

The Werewolf runs foward, slamming into you and pushing you over. It comes down ontop of you kindove, except it grabbed you on the fall. You far the end when you see the glint of pearly white teeth, but the strangest thing happens. You hear a light, feminine voice, overlapped with strangly sweet breath, "Hey, hunky." Then, she sniffs you all over, and softly licks your cheek. Then, she says, "Hmm, we haven't had any human mates in a while, so I suppose I'll make you mine." She contiues to lick you all over the face. You try to say, "Stop it!" But to talk you have to open your mouth. She took that the wrong way and shoved her tongue right in. "There, now were both immortal and your my mate." You gape at her and again she shoves her tongue in your mouth...

Written by an anonymous author

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