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The plumber outfit

For some reason, you've always wanted to a plumber - you suppose you can blame Mario for that. Nonetheless, you grab the outfit off the rack and head into one of the changing rooms.

As you strip off your normal clothes, you take a look in the mirror. Your stick-figure thin reflection looks back - you have barely any fat or muscle, although you are rather tall, giving you a gangly appearance. You skin is devoid of any body hair, while the messy mop on your head is coloured a chocolate-brown.

You turn away from the mirror, and take a closer look at the plumber outfit, pulling out the tag:

Outfit: Plumber

Age: 43

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 200 kg

Body type: Endomorph (fat)

Transformative: Yes

Extra features: Full tool belt, medium-high body hair, moustache, large appetite

You conclude that this outfit is either supposed to be work by a fat guy, or designed to use padding; strangely, there isn't any supplied. You also have no idea what the "features" at the bottom mean - are they extra things that come with the outfit? You search through the pockets, but all you find is the toolbelt, which is secured around the overalls. There's no trace of fake hair or anything. Odd...

You decide to forget about the oddities and put the outfit on anyway. It comes in three parts - the singlet, the overalls, and the boots. You pull the singlet on first, and it slides over your thin frame easily, billowing loosely around your torso - this really was designed for someone humungous! You pull on the overalls next, hitching them up around your waist and holding them in place with the suspenders. Like the singlet, these hang off your body in large folds and drapes. Finally, you put on the black rubber boots, which are also far too large for you.

You turn back to the mirror, and aren't entirely surprised when you discover that you look ridiculous in these clothes. You're literally swimming in them - someone would have to be huge to fit into them properly!

You sigh and move to take off the outfit, when you notice something's up...

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