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Joining the Pack

You consider the offer, and quite frankly it seems a better deal then you could expect from creatures that may otherwise be inclined to rip you apart. And they were werewolves, who better to figure out your issues then creatures who's species ou now shared? "Okay," you say, "If you can solve my problems, why not?"

"Excellent," the alpha says, "Welcome to the pack, 'brother'" Offering his hand. You shake it, feeling the coiled muscles in his fingers, and the strength of his grip. Definatly not a guy you want to peeve off. "Aaron and Ray will fill you in on the rules around here, after that we'll discuss dealing with your weight issue. Can't have a flabby werewolf running around making the rest of us look soft."

The two werewolves at your sides rise, "If you'llcome this way," says one of them. You struggle to pull yourself out of your seat. When you fail to do so, the two have to pry you from the seat, as even lifting you into the air only results in it sticking like glue to your posterior, much to your embarassment.

The next few hours are spent filling you in on how the pack worked, rules concerning your behavior, and other such things. Honestly it's quite straitforward and simple, look out for your brothers, follow orders from the Alpha, observe the pecking order, etc. You of course being the newcomer are officially the omega of the pack now, intaling that your on the lower end of the previously mentioned pecking order. This is occompanied by several pokes at your weight, which you quickly relize will be expected until you manage to rise in ranks. You are shown your sleeping quarters, which is quite bare compared to the others you are shown in your tour, once again due to your Omega status.

After a time, you are brought to another room, this one seeming to be more of a meeting room for discussion, with more comfy seats and pillows for the pack to sit on. The Alpha is not present, but the wolf from before, Cameron, is there. You were informed Cameron is the current Beta, and thus second in command, and handles most of the packs activities in leu of the Alpha.

"So, I've been charged with whipping you into shape," he says to you as you sit on one of the pillows. You desided to avoid the chairs since your sure you'd be met with the same results as in the Poker room, or they would collapse under your weight. "Oh, that I know," you say, "All I need is some of Blathory's blackroot for a potion and..."

"Not an option," says Cameron sternly, "Blathory's workshop is off limits to you, and you havn't earned your keep enough to convince the Alpha to expend one of his favors just for you." You feel a bit betrayed, "But you guys said..." you start, sure this was a breach of contract or something, "Oh, we will get you in shape, but not that way, we have other resources at our disposal that will work just as well as any of Blathory's magic." You breathe a short sigh of relief.

"We can start with a heavy regiment of exercise to kick your metabolism into gear. That with a proper werewolf diet will probably burn off your 'baby fat' in a few months." he says, chuckling at the joke at your expence. You feel disappointed once more, "Don't you have something a bit more... immediate?" you ask. "Oh, the impatient type are you? I guess it's no wonder you avoided exercize." he chuckles once more, "But I guess if you need a shortcut we may as well see Mad Max, he's sure to have a trick or two for pudgey wolves afraid of a little sweat."

"Who's Mad Max?" you ask, a bit afraid of the answer, "He's an old wolf who keeps track of a few of the artifacts and magics we have collected over the years." Says Cameron, "Anything that we find that is useful to our kind he keeps safe, though he is a bit senile. Of course we can just skip that all together and get right down to brass tacks and get rid of your jelly belly the old fashion way." he says, chuckling again.

You think about it, it would be nice to be able to find a quick solution, but the amount of teasing you're getting now may just be the begining if you arn't 'wolf enough' to lose the weight on your own. Perhaps you should just do this the long way. Maybe that will get you into better graces. Or they may just tease you throughout the whole process, you don't really know them well enough yet...

Written by Spots

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