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Well, this seems like a hairy situation. (Ba-dum tsh)

You sigh - these clothes really are twice your size! 200 kgs... you've never even met anyone that heavy before! Why is this even here, anyway?

You take another look in the mirror, and realise that the outfit actually looks pretty good on you, apart from the fact that it's super-loose.

"Damn," you say jokingly, "if only I was a proper bear hunter..."

As soon as the words leave your mouth, your body suddenly grows warm. A tingling, prickling sensation crawls across your skin, and you look down at your arms to discover that you're getting hairier! Your normally smooth skin is covered in dark, curly hair, which is getting thicker by the second. The prickling feeling spreads to your face, and you put your hands to your chin. Unsurprisingly, you find that you're sprouting a rather thick beard - within seconds, your chin and neck are completely covered by a heavy forest of tangles, and, judging from the tingling all over your body, it's not just your arms and face that have gotten hairier. Sure enough, when you look down the singlet, you can clearly see that your chest and stomach have grown furrier. Lifting the leg of the pants reveals that the same has happened to your legs. What's going on here?

Eventually, the prickling stops, and the hair stops growing. You turn to the mirror instinctively, and realise that you now look exactly like the bear hunter you imagined, sans shotgun. Sadly, the clothes are still a little too big...

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