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We're going on a bear hunt...

The leather jacket that you pull out of the pile is tied to several other pieces of clothing, which are pulled out along with it. After rescuing all of the outfit from the pile, you set the pieces out on the floor to get a better look at them. There's a singlet, a button-up shirt, a leather jacket, a belt, a pair of jeans, and a pair of large boots. Everything's several sizes too large for you. You suddenly realise that you're looking at what a hunter would wear - your mind conjures up an image of a bearded man holding a shotgun. You decide to put on the outfit for the heck of it - it's not like there's anything else for you to do.

You strip down to your underwear, then start pulling on the clothes. The singlet goes on first, and hangs loosely off your shoulders. Wow, these clothes really are huge - it's at least twice your size! You pull the shirt on next, and button it up. It, too, hangs loosely over your body. You pull on the pants and tighten the belt as far as it'll go, then put on the boots and tie them up. Last of all, you put on the jacket, then look in the mirror.

You look ridiculous! Everything's far too large - you're literally swimming in these clothes!

Someone would have to be huge to fit into this properly... You think to yourself. After a quick check, you find that the outfit would probably fit someone who weighed about...

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