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Back to the castle.

You figure that if there are any answers, they are likely to be in the castle, which suits you fine as you don't want to be going into the village in your condition. You boss may be fooled, but the locals may be more prone to the superstitions that surround this area. Not to mention it did turn out that those crazy stories were true, so temping fate may be an bad idea.


You open the doors of the castle once more, squeezing through the entrance and hoping that you can avoid running into the leprechaun again. The trek back up here has left you panting and hungry once more. You ate again before you came up, and your wondering if the leprechaun lied about stopping your gain, because you feel fatter then ever. Probably just gave you the appetite so that you'd just keep gaining naturally with the amount of food you eat, which probably puts most family households to shame.

You tiptoe(or in your case, waddle, since no amount of strength on your part can allow you the grace to anything but a waddle) to the main hallway, which is lined with doors, and wonder where the best play to start would be. Your pretty sure there a place that would qualify as a witches work space, that seems the most likely place you'd find anything magical. But where would it be? You guess you should just start opening doors and see what you find. You lumber down to the first door, aware that the hallway feels a lot smaller then it did when you first showed up as a normal sized human. The door itself looks particularly small, and you hope you can manage to squeeze through. You open the door to find...

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