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God bless the Internet.

Then you realise that you can't really go out in public, due to the fact that you're a werewolf. An overweight one, at that. As soon as anyone catches sight of you, they'll run for the hills. And probably call the cops while they're at it. But then again, your boss thought you were wearing a costume...

You decide to play it safe for now, and try searching up the witch on the Internet. You type in the name of the castle, and several results about a woman named Bathory appear. You read them through, and find that she was accused of witchcraft hundreds of years ago, then disappeared mysteriously. It's said that her ghost still roams the Castle. Interesting. You try typing"weight loss spell" into the search bar for the heck of it, but you get a bunch of baloney instead of anything useful. You try a few other searches ('how to lose 300 pounds in 24 hours', 'werewolf metabolism'...), but none of them give any information.

You guess you could go back to the castle, and search for this supposed ghost. Or you could try going to the library, and hope that people mistake you for a cosplayer or something. You suppose you could try something else, but nothing comes to mind at the present...

Written by Pyronator

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