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Problems abound

You stand there in a stupor for several moments, then poke your gut dumbly. It jiggles slightly, and sends small ripples over your body. Wow - this is actually happening. How it's happening, though, is what you don't understand. Then you remember the note in the closet: "find one that has the desired weight", it had said. Did the clothes do this? You step on the scales in the corner, and the needle shoots up to the 600 mark - the same number as the one on the tag. Well, maybe if the clothes made you fat, taking them off will make you thin again. You peel off the all-too-tight shirt, and take off the pants as well, leaving you in your stretched underpants. You wait for the fat to magically disappear, but it doesn't. You even try taking off the underpants as well, but nothing changes. You're still fat. After pulling the clothes back on, you call the leprechaun. You hate to say it, but maybe he could help. He appears in a shimmer of green, and his mouth falls open when he sees you.

"What did ya do, laddie?" He asks in a shocked voice.

"Nothing!" you answer, "I just put on these clothes, and they made me fat!"

The leprechaun looks you over, then has you remove the shirt and inspects it. "This is ancient fattening magic, laddie." he says, handing the shirt back to you.

"Well, can you reverse it?" you ask, as you pull the shirt back over your quivering body.

He shakes his head. "This magic is too strong for me, boyo. Sorry."


"The best I could do is make you enjoy it."

"No thanks."

"Then I can't help you." The leprechaun says, and he vanishes in a puff of sparkles.

Well that was helpful.

Written by an anonymous author

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