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The hotel 2

After chatting with the archaeologists for a while, the team leader dismisses them all to their rooms. You end up following them to the second floor, and are given a room of your own. You walk inside and close the door behind you, then take a look around. It's a pretty simple setup - bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen. No more, no less. You yawn and decide to get some rest, then fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

You wake up late the next morning, with bright sunlight streaming through the window. You groan and pull the curtains shut, before making your way to the bathroom. As you look at yourself in the mirror, you realise that you're wearing nothing but a pair of underwear. Where'd your clothes go? You were wearing them when you fell asleep - did someone take them? You sigh and decide to check the closet. Unexpectedly, the racks and shelves are already lined with clothes. You pull a shirt and a pair of shorts out of it, and are about to put them on when you realise that they're twice your size. You frown and grab another set, but these ones are even bigger - what the hell? After searching the entire closet, you discover that the clothing only gets bigger, and that there's nothing even near your size. As you put the clothes back inside the closet, you see a note taped to the shelf. You detach it and read it --

NOTE TO RESIDENTS: The sizes on the clothing are already pre-set. Just find one that has the desired weight, which will be printed on the tag. --Hotel staff

...you have absolutely no idea what this means. You do try finding the tag on the smallest shirt, though. After searching for a bit, you find it hidden under several rolls of fabric: 600. That's about 400 pounds too many, but you guess you'll cope. You find the shorts that go with the shirt, and pull both on. The shirt billows and hangs around your thin frame, and the shorts threaten to fall of any second. You find yourself having to hold them up with one hand, and end up sitting down on the bed.

"Why the hell are all the clothes so big in here?" You say to yourself. You're about to get up and search for a belt or some rope, when you feel a painful twang in your stomach. You lift up the shirt, and find that your gut is bulging slightly, when suddenly it begins to swell at a rapid rate. You gasp and grab at it, and the soft flesh spills through your quickly-thickening fingers like dough. Your arms swell, not with muscle, but with jiggling fat, as do your legs. As you look down at your growing body, you can feel your chin growing thicker, as it presses against your neck and doubles. Your chest also swells a great deal, and your once-flat pecs inflate into watermelon-sized balls. The transformation continues for about a minute, and you soon find yourself fitting the previously huge clothing perfectly.

You sit there in shock for a few more minutes, the heave yourself off the bed and to the bathroom. As you stand in front of the mirror, you grimace - the clothes turned you into a 600-pound fatass. At least you don't have to hold the shorts up anymore.

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