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You try a zoom-out option, and find that the room is surrounded by four hallways, one connected to each wall of the room. No matter how far you go out, though, you can't find the ends of them. Do they go on forever? You guess you'll have to find out for yourself - you play around with the controls some more and end up ripping a hole in the wall. You turn around, and sure enough, there's a large hole next to the now-pink bed. You get up from the desk and approach the hole cautiously, then peer through it into the hallway beyond. It's identical to the one you came in through. You step trough and begin walking, since you figure it'll lead outside, or at least somewhere else.

10 minutes later, you're still walking. This hallway goes on for miles! Well, not technically miles, but you get the point. You groan and try to remember how long it took you to go down the first hall. You realise that you can't, no matter how hard you try. You groan and decide to head back to the room - maybe there's something you missed.

The walk back is surprisingly short, only taking a few minutes. You step back through the hole and into the room, then inspect every inch of it closely, searching for some switch or hidden lever. You don't find any, and plonk down at the desk. You play around with the program some more, and find that you can add 'attributes' to objects, including yourself. You click on the figure that represents you, and take a look at its options.

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