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More mirror shenanigans

...you find yourself exactly where you want to be. You sit up, and something catches your eye - the mirror's gotten bigger. It now covers the entire wall, and any trace of the dresser it once sat above is gone. As you look at the mirror, the surface shimmers, and your reflection begins to change. You immediately leap off the bed and ram your fist into the mirror, but only succeed in bruising your knuckles. You slam your fists into it again and again, but the stubborn surface just won't break. You stare at your still-growing reflection in anger, then reel back when it grins at you. You slowly retreat back towards the bed as your reflection leaves the mirror - it simply walks through it like it was water, and stands in the room with you. It's weight gain seems to have stopped for now.

You both stare at each other in silence. That creepy grin is still plastered over his face. You stay there for several minutes, not moving, when he finally does something. He lifts his arm, and points at the mirror. No words, just the gesture, but his message is pretty obvious. You look at the cool surface of the mirror - it's currently black. What'll happen if you walk through it? You're pretty sure it won't be good. You consider fighting your clone, but quickly dismiss the thought - he seems at least twice your weight, and would probably pummel you if you take him on. You slowly walk towards the mirror, watching him the entire time, in case he makes any sudden moves. He doesn't, though, and you find yourself with your back pressed against the glass. Then the glass is gone, and you stumble backwards.

You quickly regain your balance, and whirl around. You're still in the room, only everything's reversed. Well duh, you're in a mirror. You look behind you, and see yourself reflected in the mirror. Only it's not really your reflection, it's your clone waving at you through the glass. You walk towards him, and so does he. You place your hand on the cold surface of the mirror, and he does the same. You're still trapped, only you're in a mirror version of the room. Great.

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