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The mind is a plaything of the body...

After apologising to the pizza guy and paying for the pizza, you drag yourself to the dining room and eat all 10 pizzas within a few minutes. You wash it all down with coke, and sit back, patting your bloated gut happily. You dig your hands under the huge, fleshy mound, and grin as you feel the jiggling blob shake and wobble between your fingers. You stand up slowly, your arms taking the full grunt of your stomach, and you find it hard to hold it in place. Your swollen biceps dig into your chest, which thrusts out a good 10 inches from its original position. You let go of your gut, and it drops heavily, bouncing several times before resting at a point well below your waistline. You smile, then head for the bathroom. After somehow managing to transport your colossal body upstairs, you find yourself in front of the mirror.

You're huge. Absolutely, beautifully huge. Your once-lanky, stick-figure like body has filled out with roll upon roll of decadent, succulen--

Wait, what the hell are you doing? You don't like this! This is fucking disgusting! You tear your eyes away from your amazing disgusting reflection, and go back to your room. You don't care what time it is, you need to get to sleep and into that dream-room. You pull all the curtains shut, turn off the lights, and drop onto the bed with enough force to shake the whole house. You close your eyes, and when you open them...

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