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A moment of ill peace

Considering your history with her, whatever trouble she got herself into likely was just karma finally kicking in. It's best not to get involved. You head up the stairs to your room to relax a little. After fighting with some old-fashion rabbit ears, you finally get the television working. Nothing is in English, and you end up watching the end of some dubbed version of Wheel of Fortune that was likely first recorded over twenty-five years ago.

Finally the news came on. You don't understand exactly what is being said, but you often get the gist from the images. Eventually they get to one story where they speak to several distraught families, and they keep showing pictures of young children and teenagers. You turn the television off, take a shower, and get changed into some fresh clothes. Feeling hungry, you step out to find a bite to eat.

In the hallway, you hear a scream further down coming from one of the other rooms. Turning that way you hear Jennifer's voice. "No! Get away! NO!" The sound of a shatter is heard, followed by Jennifer's voice getting muffled.

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