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Oh the fun.

With her thick foreign accent she informs you that since the wild animal got away, you will need to be treated for rabies and several other possible infections.

The day is not going to go well, especially while you sit.

"We will take some blood samples," she tells you, "and make sure that you're alright. However due to the fast onset of some diseases, we need to treat you immediately, whether you have them or not."

After a "lovely" time, you give your information as to the hotel you are staying at and drive home with a "wonderful" non-complimentary pillow to sit on for the drive.

You get back to the hotel a few hours after nightfall. Before going up the stairs to your room, you notice Jennifer McCowan sitting at the downstairs bar. She's drinking... heavily. Hard liquor too. Her hands are shaking badly as she raises her glass to take a sip. As much as you dislike her, you hadn't seen her this shaken up before. Even when the two of your got trapped while covering the riots back home a few years back she was able to keep her composure. This isn't like her.

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