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Huge green men and force fields.

You fling the doors open, and are about to rush outside when you realise you don't know how to change form. It's too late though, and a huge shadow falls over you as Chaos notices you. The green essence flows around you, surrounding you and rustling softly. For some reason, this seems familiar to you - you've seen this stuff before. Then realisation hits you, much like how the green dust whacks you back inside the building. You tumble, bounce, and slide until you slam, hard, against the wall. Your vision blurs and sways as you attempt to stand, and clears in time for you to see a huge figure walk from the dust, and slowly begin lumbering towards you. When it reaches the doorway, though, it seems to bounce backwards, like there's glass there or something. It recovers quickly, however, and bashes at the force field with its fists, shaking the entire castle and cracking the door frame in the process. It won't hold for much longer.

You slowly stumble towards the doorway, then look up at the towering figure and attempt to get its attention. When you get no reaction, you try yelling at it. It eventually looks down, and rapidly shrinks until it's about your size. The dust swirling around it finally clears, and you realise that you're looking at...

Written by Traveller

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