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Time to save the world...

"So how am I supposed to fight this... Chaos?" You ask cautiously.

Cyrus smiles. "Legends say that the bearer has the power to shapeshift, and change his form at will. They speak of a great battle between the bearer and the demon, one which determines whether the world survives."

Your mouth falls open. "You're saying I'm a shapeshifter? How do I change form?"

"The markings on your arm hold the magic necessary to activate the transformation. You just need to focus on what it is you want to become."


"You will have to best the demon in a battle of skill, wit and strength. This will not be easy - the monster is a born trickster, who will do anything to defeat you."

"Don't worry." You say. " I can handle it."

Cyrus brightens at your words, then leads you back downstairs to the front door of what you know recognise as Castle Bathory.

"I cannot help you with this battle." He tells you gravely. "The best the Countess and I can do is wish you luck."

You thank him as he retreats from the foyer, then turn to the doors. Here goes nothing...

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