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Santa Claus?

Small people rush out of the houses and crowd around the sleigh, pushing and shoving to get a closer look at you. They all look vaguely like the leprechaun, and you shiver. They seem to be chanting something, but their voices are so high pitched that its hard to make it out. After several seconds, you manage to decipher the lyrics - "He's here! Santa!"

"I'm not Santa!" You say. They don't seem to hear you, and instead lead the sleigh towards one of the larger buildings. It stops outside the door, and the little people clear a path for you. You tentatively step out of the sleigh, then walk slowly towards the large doors. The eyes of the many elves watch you, and you start to walk a little bit faster. You push through the doors and close them behind you to get away from all the staring. You lock the doors for good measure, then survey the room. There's a large fireplace, a wooden table, and a rug on the floor, but not much else. Suddenly a stoutly woman walks out from a door to your right, and gasps.

"Oh," she says, "you're here."

"You were expecting me?"

The woman nods. "Yes. Now come with me, there is an urgent matter you must attend to."

You follow her cautiously into the next room, and up to a second floor. She leads you to a door at the end of the hallway, then beckons for you to enter. As soon as you do, the door closes behind you with a soft *click* and you realise she just locked you in. There's not much in the room - a large bed, several paintings of the woman and a familiar-looking fat guy, and a chair by the window. There's someone sitting in it, watching the snow fall outside. You approach the figure, then pull up another chair and sit facing him.

"I'm going to miss this place..." Says Saint Nick softly. He takes off his glasses and looks at you sadly.

"I'm sorry sir -" you say, "I'm not really sure what you mean."

"I am about to die." He tells you gravely.


Santa Clause is going to die? How is that possible? He seems to read your thoughts, as he takes a deep breath and begins talking.

"Over the course of history, there have been countless Santas, each different from the last. Santa isn't immortal - he never was. So when a Santa is about to die, he passes his job onto another, in order to carry on the tradition." He sighs.

"Wait - you want me to become Santa? Become you? How does that work?"

"You will become like me in all ways, gaining my memories and skills while retaining some of your own. Once that happens, I will pass on and you will take my place."

You sit in silence for several seconds, thinking his words over. "Do I have a choice?"

"You do, but if you do not take up my burden, then Christmas will cease to exist."


What do you do? Become Santa, and save Christmas? Or doom Christmas and forget this ever happened?

Written by an anonymous author

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