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Becoming Santa

You nod softly. "I'll do it."

Santa sighs with relief, then beckons you closer. You stand up and walk over to him, and he takes out a small bottle filled with silver liquid.. He plucks out one of the many hairs in his beard, then drops it into the vial, and the drink bubbles and fizzes before starting to glow. He hands you the bottle, then sighs and leans back in the chair, releasing his final breath and dying. You look at the small bottle in your hand, then close your eyes and down the contents.

The tasteless liquid rushes down your throat and sends a strange feeling throughout your body, which spreads all the way to your hands and feet. A sudden prickling feeling on your chin draws your hand, and you discover hairy whiskers are sprouting from your skin at an unbelievable rate. Your hair starts to grow over your eyes, and you realise that it is slowly turning white. A swelling sensation around your gut attracts your attention, and you begin to grow fatter. It doesn't show on the baggy clothing, but you can feel the weight slowly piling on and stretching your skin. The floor starts creaking from the extra weight, and you feel yourself grow wider. A double chin forms under your beard, and your arms and legs thicken as they fill with fat. Your chest is also swelling, your breasts forming mounds over your ribs. The suit suddenly starts to crease as your belly begins to press against it, and the belt starts to grow tight. Your quadruple chin is now completely covered by your beard, and your cheeks have inflated slightly. Your belly jiggles with every movement, and you can't help but bounce it around.

You let out a "Ho Ho Ho", and your deepened voice sells the image. You are now Santa.

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