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You awake in an empty pen, your vision seems smaller, you realize that you've gotten even fatter while you were sleeping, then you notice that your flesh is no longer covered in bristly brown hairs, you're missing your horns and your skin feels quite a bit softer. You look towards the witch and see that she has provided a mirror, you look inside and see an enormously fat pig, your twisted tail is invisible beneath your huge, soft rump. You're stomach is floppy and bulging, you notice six, large, flabby tits and realize that you're still a female. You're limbs are useless mounds of blubber and your face is smothered in soft, squishy fat. you're back is invisible to you even with the mirror and your stomach is without it due to your blubbery, fatty neck. You lay on your plump side, turning towards the sound of squeals coming towards. you see three fat piglets stumbling towards you, you attempt to roll away but can't even manage that again in your enormous condition. They find your teats and begin feeding on your milk. You se them visibly swell with bubbling fat. Soon they are as immobile as you, the werewolf enters the pen and approaches you with a knife in hand...

Written by an anonymous author

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