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The witch cackles, you moo inquisitively at her, she smiles and ties a rope around your neck. You walk down a long corridor before reaching a large door. It leads into a large barn, you see many pens, some of chickens and some of bulls, a sinking feeling fills you as you notice that you're the only cow in the barn, you begin to moo frantically but the witch pulls you along to a stool, she sits and brings forth a bucket, you know what's coming next, she places but cold hands on your udder and begins to pull.

After some time of this she brings forth the bucket of milk and opens whistles, instantly a werewolf runs into the barn, "Go and get the rest of the pork." She commands, the wolf runs out and returns a few minutes later, carrying some dried pork, you look on curiously as she mixes the pork in with the milk, soon it becomes a faint pinkish color. Suddenly she pulled your mouth open and pours the mix into down your throat, instantly you begin to feel drowsy, you lay down on your fat stomach and go to sleep

Written by an anonymous author

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