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Feel burdened by awesome responsibility.

It's kinda hard not to. If this note is true, you've doomed everyone by releasing the leprechaun. You have personally bought about armeggedon. You need to get to that leprechaun, open this box, and trap him inside, most likely dying in the process. It's a suicide mission to save mankind, and you're more than ready to undertake it.

Or at least you would, if you could get out of this room. You check the door again. It's still locked tight - there's no way you're getting out that way. You go for the switch in the pantry again, but the door has locked itself. What the heck? You hope that the switch is supposed to be down, because there's no way you're touching it again. You search every inch of the kitchen, but you can't find anything. You flip the table in desperation, which takes the rug with it. There's a trapdoor on the floor. Without hesitating, you open it and make your way down the passage through it. There's a door here, but it's open. You guess that's what the switch controlled. The passage takes a sharp turn after the door, and you see a ladder ahead. You climb it quickly, and find yourself in...

A kitchen.

A kitchen that looks exactly the same as the one you just left. Only difference is that there's a switch next to the door. You go to hit it, but you stop when you hear the slithering noises just outside the door. If you step out there, you'll be stepping straight into that cloud. You shake your head and back away from the door. You're a little less trapped than before, but you're still pretty much trapped. This really sucks.

What will you do?

Written by Traveller

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