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Look for secret passages in the pantry.

You're guessing there's a secret passage somewhere in here, and the most obvious place would be the pantry. You push open the door, suprised to find it completely empty. You walk in, checking the walls for switches or buttons you could use to open some passage. You find one, at the very back of the room. You have to get your arm into a really awkward position in order to reach it. You flip it, but nothing happens. You flip it again. You throw it up and down about ten times, but nothing happens. You give up, leaving it in the down position. You leave the pantry and re-enter the main kitchen area.

You start to get hungry, and check the fridge. It's empty, like the pantry. This sucks. You guess you're stuck until you die from starvation. You slump in the chair and put your feet on the table. You sit there for a while, mulling over your thoughts. Having the leprechaun kill you quickly would be much better than dying slowly, you think. Or he could do something to keep you alive. You laugh - He wouldn't do anything like that. He'd probably curse you, do a whole lot of other stuff, and make your life a living hell. Not that it isn't already. You reach into your pocket, to check if you have anything to eat, and your fingers brush against something hard and cubiod.

You pull it out. It's the Leprechaun's box. It's nothing special - a small green box, with strange arcane symbols and a magical aura. Something clicks in your mind. If this box was able to trap the leprechaun before, could it trap him again? The Leprechaun said himself he was trapped in there by a witch - the box must have magical properties, allowing it to bind magical creatures. You open it and look inside. There's a note inside. You pull it out and read it.

"If you are reading this, it means you've released the Leprechaun. Your life, and the lives of everyone on Earth, depends on you locking him back inside this box. The enchantments on it will reduce him to what he was when you first revived him - a skeleton. To return him to the box, it must be opened near him. Not in the cloud of green dust, but near his actual form, at the centre of the cloud. Trapping him will act as Reset Button; you will return to before you opened the box. Doing so will reverse all wishes, but it is neccessary for the preservation of life.

Yours Sincerely, A Friend."

Written by Traveller

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