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What'll it be, babe?

You look down on yourself and realize why you're feeling tingly - you're still a beautiful teenage girl! You look in the mirror and realize with a start that you're completely naked - you cover yourself up, blushing furiously. You hear manic giggling behind you.

"Hee hee! He hee heeeee!" It's the leprechaun again, sitting on the bed, laughing in a manner that sugguests severe mental handicap.

"You little turd! Turn me back to normal!" you yell.

"Normal, you say? Very well. Sure ye wouldn't like to re-phrase the wish, at all... ?" the Leprechaun looks oddly eager, although you can't tell why.

"No, I don't want to re-phrase the wish. Turn - Me - back - to - normal!" you yell, your hands on your hips, all bashfulness and embarrasment evaporated into pure anger.

"Very well... ye'll soon be a perfectly normal girl!" the leprechaun's eyes are alight with glee. He clicks his fingers and vanishes in a puff of smoke... but what he said didn't seem quite right. And you realize why when you find yourself studying your own face in the mirror, noting the bags under your eyes and your nakedness.

"I really need to get dressed..." you murmur, seemingly of your own accord. You brush your hair out of the way in a naturally feminine gesture - and you realize what was wrong with the leprechaun's statement.

Instead of being a girl with the mind of a reporter, you're a girl with the mind of a girl!

Written by Khal-Baraak (edited by wanderer)

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