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An unusual battle begins

You pull back from the mirror in fright. Instantly you realize the paradox that was just created. A normal girl would certainly NOT have a past that was entirely man! Itís not important, you think. Just get dressed. Reassured, you get up and open a dresser, but am surprised and repulsed that it contains menís clothing. ďWhy is there manís clothing in here?Ē you mumble, confused. Then you grasp what is happening. Your original, masculine mind is coming back because you are faced with things that are not on the mind of a normal girl! You quickly begin thinking of your past existence, while thoughts of femininity wash over you, mainly the need for clothes. A battle of man versus woman mind ensues. You fall onto the floor with a thump as your mind tries to tear itself in two.

All I need is to get dressed and go to work! NO! I am a man! Of course not! A woman! LOOK AT YOURSELF! I just need to get dressed! NO! That stupid thing changed me!

Written by kaveman (edited by wanderer)

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