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Fun with the beast

You crawl onto the dragons back ready to ride, as the dragon sores through the air a quest crawls back into you mind. "Hey dragon? You call out "I'm curouse", "About what?" She replies. When the spiders were binding you it looked like you were laughing, I couldn't help but wonder if you're...", "Yes?" You say nothing as you lean over and reach your arm around under her belly "Ticklish?" as you say this you start to scratch your fingers on her underbelly. "Wait!" She cries out, "HSTHAAAAHAAHAHAHAH HIHIHI'M TRAAHA FLYHYHYHYHYHYHYHING!" She fumbles mid air and start declining and you stop just intime for her to land safley and you climb off. "Wow, you're really ticklish!", He's huff huff", "Are all dragons ticklish" "Huff huff yes. All dragons are huff huff incomprehencibly ticklish in unique spots huff we can't stand being tickled it'll bring down any dragon if you can find her ticklish spot" She explains between giggles and gasps for air, "So I guess your belly is yours?" you question, "Unfortunatly so, my most unbearably ticklish spot would be the biggest target.", "Interesting..." You ponder.

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