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Spiders taking the gold!

As the spiders crawl over the dragons body bindinger her in webbing you notice she is squirming voilently and it sounds like she gigglig though through her mussel its to muffled to be sure. As the spiders continue to bind the dragon you notice a golden dagger sticking in the treasure and slowing pick it up avoiding being caught, when the spiders finish they start picking up gold to take with them. The spiders are so focused on the treasure they don't even pay attention to you, you use this apportunity to your advantage and turn to the dragon "I'll help you but I need your help in return, deal?" you whisperd, she nods yes. The spiders don't even notice as you free the dagon. When she is finally cut lose the wastes no time in disposing of the tiny critters, saving her treasure, with one breath the dragon insinerates every last spider saving her treasure and you. "Thank you very much little human for saving me and my shinies! a deal is a deal, so what can I do for you?" Dragon said greatfully. After talking for over an hour you realise the dragon is actually a jiant sweetheart, and you feel guilty for leading the spiders to her. After explaining everything you have been through the dragon donates a portion of her treasure for you and even voluntears to join you on your adventure and fly you to where you need to go.

Written by Sebastion

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