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The page

A page walks in, dropping his paper when he sees you, and rushes over.

"Y-Your highness- what-why were you crying?"

"Who-wait-what?" you ask, dazed and confused by his entrance.

"Don't play games with me, Princess Sayran! you know as well as I what you must do today, so don't mess this up for us! Please!"

You stand up, and he reads from the scroll.

"Dear Princess Sayran, I have awaited this day for many months. It is with love and cherishing that I send you this letter. Since we were but Kits, catching mice and tearing paper, I have always loved you."

You aren't sure exactly where this is going at this point.

"But now comes the season of courtship, and I see none who would fit the part better than you. The rivers are full of fish and our hearts are full of song. With this letter comes my utmost affection. I wish for us to be wed on the thirtieth of RiverMonth, and hope that you feel the same about me. until then, may we be two hearts, but one soul, ---Prince Emkin."

Throughout this message, you have been becoming more and more surprised. Now, as it has finished, you stare wide-eyed into space, thinking.

The page rolls the scroll back up, and then looks at you, patiently waiting. he clears his throat, breaking you out of your stunned reverie.

"His graciousness also requested I give you this." said the page, and in his outstretched paw was a glistening bracelet, studded with diamonds. It is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. "It is a sign of his courtship and eventual marriage. Do you accept it?"

"What day is it?" you manage.

"Today is the twenty-ninth, madame, but it will take a day for the message to reach him. What do you say?"

Written by The Savior

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