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As you look at yourself, you realize that the amulet is shining, brighter than it ever should... you try to rip it off but it is stuck fast.

You drop to all fours, gasping for breath.

The world is shaking, unstable....


It restabilizes, revealing a castle Banthory different from the one you know, one with bright ceilings and tall towers. The room you are in is lavishly decorated. You realize you have stepped back in time.

"Princess Sayran!" you hear from outside the door.

You look down, and realize that yes, one might take you for a princess... if they were a cat...

Remembering what you lost, how this was supposed to be a routine point-and-shoot operation with just your camera crew and you, you sit down on a couch and cry.

Just then, the door opens, and it's...

Written by The Savior

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