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You then say. "Now i wish that my girlfriend back home turned into a boy. And that i could witness it as it happens." "So shall it be." said the genie. Just then you find your girlfriend is right there. And she is stripped down naked! She asks what is happening then falls over as her change begins. You see her hair shorten. Her breasts are sucked into her body like wet noodles. A penis sprouts from her body. Just then she thickens out and her face turns into your old face! Suddenly you find a mirror and realize that you now have her old face! You ended up turned into her! Then you feel something new. You feel your memories seeping away. New memories take their place. The memories of your girlfriend turned boyfriend! You no longer like sports or Sci-Fi. You now like Shopping, BFFs, Makeup, and girly sitcoms. Your boyfriend wakes up and you find that you are both at his place. He asks you if you want to make love.

Written by an anonymous author

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