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girl Power!

your wish is granted...


You look in a puddle of water and see your face change, and gradually become younger ... but with a difference. You notice that there is no five-o-clock shadow or the grainy texture of your skin. Also, you notice that your eyes have changed to a lovely hazel, and you feel your hair grow below your shoulders. You then notice something happening to your chest, and you notice that you are now the proud owner of a set of breasts in a lovely silky maroon suede V-neck blouse. As you look down farther, you see your hips and thighs expanding. Also, you feel your private parts being sucked up into your body. You also notice that the blue jeans that you had on are not there any more ... instead there is a 19-inch black velour miniskirt and coffee-bean pantyhose, and your tennis shoes have become three and a half inch high heels.

Written by JOE

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